Science & Humanities

Science & Humanities


About Science & Humanities Department

One of our most successful departments, the department of Science & Humanities offers interdisciplinary courses for students to choose from, namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Students are given access to a qualified team of professors and extensive research material to enhance their stronghold on these subjects, to aid them in their pursuit of Engineering, from an applications standpoint. The objective is to build a strong foundation of fundamental subjects, which will eventually sharpen their reasoning. Intellectual and analytical skills.

Labs with state-of-the-art technology along with our student body SMS (Society of Mechanical Engineering Students) aids us in our vision in establishing the department as one of the prime departments in the Faculty of Engineering at JNTUK.

We also offer on-campus technical training programmes such as AutoCAD, Pro-E, Ansys & Catia along with multiple ISTE courses to help enhance the students’ technical know-how.